Sunwoo Shawn Kim

’Insania’는 영상영화과 졸업작품 프로젝트 Inner Voice Records에서 파생한 영상작업이다. 오늘날 한국 사회에 대표적 이미지 중 하나인 성형수술을 차용하여 삶, 예술, 나비 그리고 종교에서 공통적으로 발견되는 이야기를 함축적으로 표현하였다. 예를 들어 예술작품이 탄생하는 과정 즉 점에서 시작해 선이되고 면이 되며 입체가 완성되는 과정과 나비가 알에서 애벌레, 번데기에서 나비로 변태하는 과정, 예수가 십자가에 못 박혀 죽은 후 다시 부활한 과정, 그리고 인간의 삶에서 외부의 고통으로부터 스스로를 보호하기 위해 만든 벽을 깨고 자유를 얻게 되는 과정에서 이야기의 구조적 공통점을 발견하고 이를 한 곳에 버무려 표현한 작업이다.

‘Insania’ is a video project rooted from the Film and Moving Image Graduation work project ‘Inner Voice Records’. This video implicitly expresses the intersection among the life, art, butterfly, and religion borrowing the image of plastic surgery which is one of the representative images of South Korea. For example, The video is a work blending structurally common four stories among the process of creation of artwork, which starting from a dot, to line, and to face and to solid, The metamorphosis of a butterfly beginning from egg to larva, pupa and to adult, The process of resurrection in four days since his death nailed to a cross, and the process of gaining freedom of human-being with breaking the wall which is self-made for protecting himself from the external attack.

Working as
Director, Scenario, Cinematographer, Editor, Music, Final Mixing & Mastering

HD, 10:00s
Dec. 2014

Hee-jun Song

Actor 1
Gi-Jung Gu

Actor 2
Sung-Jin Han

Actor 3

Dong-Hyun Hwang
Film & Music
Sun-Woo Kim

Assistant Director

Gijung Gu

Directing Team
Jong Ok Park, You Na Kim

Post Production
Minkyung Lee

Naeun Han

Sungjin Han, Minji Kang

Production Photography

Jina Song
Camera Director
Sang-Woo Park

Assistant Camera
Chang-Hoon Shin

Art Director

Min-Ah Ryu

Custom Supervisor

A-lim Kim

Custom Supervisor
Geum Bee Im

Custom Designer

Hye-Jin Jueng

Set Decorator

Woon-Sun Cho

Stage Designer

Ji-Yeon Jung

Lighting Director
Jongwoo Hong

Lighting Team
Youwon Han, Donghyun Hwang