Inner Voice Records
Sunwoo Shawn Kim

About this album

Sunwoo Shawn Kim is a film director, composer, designer, photographer and painter from Seoul, South Korea. Artist’s 4th album, titled ‘INNER VOICE RECORDS.’ includes his music film, design and photography works and divided into 4 parts : ‘Past, Present, Continuity, and Future.' Each parts contains 4 music.

And he states,

"Whenever I’m preparing for the new album, I always think that there are a lot of similarities in relationship among music, film, painting and photography. I want to use all of them as just the medium for expression, and I don’t want to stick to only one language for delivering messages. When I deal with multiple languages, It helps me to express my thoughts abundantly in various ways. At the same time, There are even more exciting and creative things happen during the process of using and mixing multiple sources. For these reasons, I will be focusing on developing more weapons as a method of expression to captivate people audience."

Records Part 1 / Past
1. Awakening
2. Lament
3. Remove My Stain
4. Sink Into Your Eyes

Records Part 2 / Present
5. Like A Rabbit Rolling On The Snow
6. Unfamiliar Surroundings
7. Hedgehog’s Dilemma
8. Moratorium Syndrome

Records Part 3 / Continuity
9. Absorb You Into My Skin
10. Mort
11. Insania
12. Stones On My Back

Records Part 4 / Future
13. Black Mirror
14. Parent’s Prayer
15. Through A Narrow Door
16. Ascension

Final Mixing & Mastering


Regular, 16 Songs
Dec. 2014