2021. 8

Chapter 1 Crush of Little Deers

Chapter 2 Wing to Wing Fly Togheter

Chapter 3 Meet at The Maplie Brigde

Chapter 4 Heart to Heart, Minds Act Upon Minds

Chapter 5 Cast Glances of Love
음악, 사운드 디자인, 최종 믹싱 & 마스터링 작업
(Music, Sound Design, Final Mixing & Mastering Work)

Working as
Music, Sound Design, Final Mixing & Mastering

Client Burberry

Content Development Soo Bak Lab

Creative Director Su Hyun Kim
Art Director Hyungjoo Lee
2D Motion Design, 3D Part Modelin Soondo Jo

Music & Sound Desgin Sunwoo Shawn Kim
Final Mixing & Mastering Sunwoo Shawn Kim