2014 Best Album by Korean Indie

Field : Best Album
Date : Dec. 2014

Best of 2014 : Xtian’s Picks

I’ve tried many times to write about this album since its release, but I fail utterly. Knowing that it had to be on this list only made it that much more daunting. Sunwoo Shawn Kim composes beautiful electronic classical albums, but Uncolored is something other. Like “White canvas in the darkness” suggests, this albums eludes definition. The closest I can come up with is a film score, with dramatic highs, loud ramp ups and gloomy lows, but then I hear “Silver corrosion” and think electronic meringue, and the premise shows its cracks. Whatever this is, Uncolored is fantastic. Almost devoid of vocals, Kim doesn’t create songs as much as he creates moods. Loneliness (“Dispersion of light”), yearning (“Answer their azure prayer”), and joy (“Vermilion sky”) are just some of the moods expertly evoked in Uncolored. A supremely talented composer, Sunwoo Shawn Kim deserves all the accolades. Sunwoo Shawn Kim’s Silver corrosion track

by Xtian