2014 Best Album by Hellokpop

Field : Best Album
Date : Dec. 2014

Best of 2014 : Jung Bae’s Picks

Uncolored isn’t the happiest album you’ll hear this year. It’s lyric-less, filled with minor chords and grim melodies, moves in ponderous trance and house rhythms, and sports a melancholy glow. The reason that the album doesn’t get old, and still able to hold us engaged for 14 tracks, is that it doesn’t indulge in its own melancholia. Sunwoo Shawn Kim’s work is more observant than narrative, and more positive than normative. The preclusion of lyrics helps to achieve that, as does the clinical and sharp nature of his sounds. Uncolored‘s rhythms always seem to be in transient motion, never loitering for too long in any one mood or topic before moving on. Its track layers blend together like the ambiance of a city. Always detached but with keen eye for detail, Kim left us great and inspired room for personal interpretation – for our color painted into this uncolored album.

By Jung Bae | December 30, 2014